A peek beneath the surface reveals the depth of the music here, Americana, Country and Roots, with shades of something more that cuts to the heart of what makes their music so endearing for literate, passionate and conscious music fans.


Journeying into history with memorable performances that transport audiences through lands of stories and harmony, The Club Passim Iguana Music Fund award recipients exude a spirited presence that conjures panoramic images of life in a time and place of rustic simplicity.

“Our music is inspired by fire breathing giants who cast long shadows and forgotten great musical geniuses who haunt the back roads of history. We’re keeping their voices alive in the here and now.” Says Jude of the musical journey that keeps the duo on the road to bring their music to fervent fans all over the country.

Together, Adela & Jude tour the country delivering songs of revivalist proclamations and ballads of forgotten souls to renowned stages including the New England Americana Festival and the legendary Club Passim in Cambridge, MA.  Recently included on Punkerton Record’s Benefit for Venues Hurt By the Pandemic Compilation record.



Adela is a classically trained pianist, learning her craft at the tender age of three on the two grand pianos in her daddy’s parlor, performing eight hand concerts.  Foregoing a full scholarship to Berklee School of Music to pursue her passion in the visual arts,  She now drives their sound, pumping her feet on an old Estey portable field organ and occasionally picking up the accordion, or pounding out a beat on a floor tom to add her unique touch.

Jude is a third generation musician having crossed the country in the early 60’s with his guitar slinging Dad and his dancing mom.  Eventually he gravitated to the drums , spending time at Berklee SoM and the NEC Conservatory, then later in his professional career awarded a Gold record from his work with the acclaimed band “Boston”.  Over the years he added stringed instruments to become a powerhouse multi-instrumentalist.  With Autoharp, Banjo, Mandolin, Tenor & Six string guitars.  While not to leave his drums roots behind, Jude plays antique snare and bass drum with his feet while strumming the instruments to provide the driving rhythms to Adela & Jude.